Company Profile
Business Type Manufacturer , Exporter , Supplier and Service Provider
Capital in Dollars US $200,000
Export Percentage 20%
Import Percentage 2%
Primary Competitive Advantages

Ingeniously Designed with advanced features at very competitive prices.

Sales Volume Rs. 200 Lakhs
Import Value Less than Rs. 10 Lakh
No of Staff 18
Year of Establishment 1989
Export Markets
South Africa, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Gulf Countries.
Import Markets USA and UK
Investment on Manufacturing Equipment About Rs. 20 Lakhs
OEM Service Provided Yes
No of Engineers 4
Indo-French Technical Association (IFTA), Society of Clean Environment (Socllen), Indian Aersol Science and Technology (IASTA)
Product Range
  • Ambient & Work Place Air Monitoring Instruments

  • High Volume Air Sampler & Respirable Dust Samplers for SPM & RSPM

  • Ambient Fine Dust Samplers for PM 2.5 & PM 10 Particulate

  • Low Flow Air Samplers for SPM , PM 10 (RSPM) & PM 2.5 PUF (Poly Urethane Foam) Sampler for collection Pesticides & PCBs Portable High Volume Samplers for collection of Particulate & Radioactivity Samples.

  • Low Flow Air Samplers for collection of Particulate and Organic Vapours using solid adsorption media.

  • Handy Air & Portable Air Samplers for Toxic Gases using Wet Chemical Methods.

  • Personal Air Samplers for SPM & Organic Vapours

  • Condensation Nuclei Particle Counter for measurement of Particle Density ( No. of particles / cc ) in Ambient Air

  • On Line Ozone Monitor for Continuous Measurement of Ozone in Ambient Air and Workplace using O3-Ethylene Chemi-luminescent reaction

  • Dust Fall Jar for measurement of Fallout Rate of Coarse Particulate

  • Stack Emission Monitoring Instruments

  • Automatic Stack Monitoring System for Online Isokinetic Sampling of Particulate matter, Moisture and Gaseous Sampling

  • Manual Stack Monitoring Kits for Isokinetic Sampling of Particulate matter, Moisture and Gaseous Sampling

  • Digital Stack Velocity Meter for online Measurement of Stack Velocity

  • Handy Velocity Kit for Digitally Measuring Pitot P & Stack Gas Temperature

  • Heated Sampling Probes & Heated Filter Box as accessories of SMKS for sampling of Particulate Matter (Method 5), SO3, Halides, etc

  • Volatile Organic Sampling System for sampling of Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Dioxin Furan Sampling Equipment for use with Stack Monitoring Kits (USEPA Method 23)

  • Sampling Equipments for Determination of Nitrogen Oxides ( NOx) from stationary sources (USEPA Method 7)

  • Sampling Equipment for Sulfuric Acid Mist Determination (USEPA Method 8)

  • Sequential Eight Channel Stack Gas Sampler

  • Pressure and Flow Instruments

  • Digital Pressure calibrators for calibrating pressure measuring instruments / gauges.

  • Static Pressure Pumps to generate pressure for use with Pressure calibrators.

  • Digital Pressure Gauges for Panel mounting (Din 96 x 96 ) with alarm settings for various pressure ranges

  • Pressure Transmitters for various ranges

  • Digital Air Flow Calibrators for calibrating rotamters and other flow measuring instruments using mass flow sensor.

  • Digital Air Flow Calibration System with interchangeable flow cell assemblies for calibrating rotameters and other devices using primary bubble detection method.

  • Digital Air Flow Calibrators for low flow rate using bubble detection technique.

  • Digital Orifice Flow calibrators for calibrating High Flow rotameters and other instruments using Orifice Flow meter.

  • Top Loading Orifice Calibrators for calibrating blower flow of High Volume Samplers.

  • Digital Flow Meters for measurement of flow of air and other gases.

  • Radioactivity & Radon Measuring Instruments

  • Alpha & Beta probes with Programmable Counting System

  • Radon Counting System Model for use with Lucas Cell for Radon & Thoron measurement in Uranium Mines / HBRA areas

  • Radon Bubbler for Radium / Radon measurement with bubbler stand

  • Twin cup SSNTD dosimeter

  • Constant temperature etching bath for processing SSNTD Films

  • Spark Counter for alpha track counting in SSNTD films

  • Software for computation of Radon and Thoron in Lucas Cell

Services Offered
  • Calibration

  • Own and Third party instruments.

  • In-house calibration facility for Pressure, Flow, Temperature & Time

  • Standards calibrated at FCRI, IDEMI

  • Traceability to National standards

  • Repairs & Maintenance

  • Own and Third party instruments.

  • AMC offered

  • On call corrective maintenance

  • Training

  • Hands-on training to the operators for familiarizing them with various components and subsystems

  • In-depth formal training to more aware and demanding customers

  • Specially custom-designed training courses consisting of detailed theory

lessons and laboratory practicals.

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